At the Serenity Retreat, you’ll find peace, sea breezes, swaying hammocks and, of course, a nearby bar. Get the stuff done you just can't seem to do anywhere else – reconnect, finish that book, or do absolutely, blissfully, nothing at all.

Havana Pool

Set within the Havana Bar, the Havana Pool is an ocean view thrill under the sun. Swim around the pool or kick back with a handcrafted Cuban cocktail in the lounge area.

Cherry on Top

Cherry On Top is a well-stocked candy-and-more-store. Not only great for sweet treats, but also the place to pick up gifts for that special someone, even if — admit it — that someone happens to be you!

Dr. Seuss Bookville

Bright colors, whimsical furniture, and tons of books. Dr. Seuss Bookville is what would happen if we took a normal library and put it through one of Dr. Seuss's wacky contraptions… and set it to maximum fun, of course.

Fun Things Slide

Splash into big-fun and way-whimsy. Fun Things slide take you through all the topsy-turvy of having the blue haired pair appear in your living room.

The Cat's Hat Slide

A new spin on waterslide fun. The Cat's Hat slide takes you twisting down the red and white stripes of the world's most famous top-hat.

Tides Pool

The Tides Pool is the best place to go for a dip while taking in a scenic ocean view. Grab a drink and chillax in the sunshine.

Main Restaurant

The Main Restaurant spans two floors with a delicious, ever-changing menu. It’s fine dining on a whole new level.

Horizon Atrium

The Atrium is where cruising fun comes to life with an open and lively atmosphere for music and dancing.

Resort Beach Pool

The beach pool is where the action is. Catch some rays, go for a dip or have lunch with a side of sea and sky.


From mini golf to a ropes course and SkyRide, SportSquare is the perfect place to get a little competitive. May the best cruiser win.
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